Thursday’s Rumors

Where will Mitchell be playing next season?

Lots of Rumors Today..

  • Since Kaberle remained in Toronto, Willie Mitchell is the next option (and a possible reason why Kaberle wasn’t traded.  The Canucks, Capitals, and Kings all want Mitchell.
  • Canucks might move Bieksa to San Jose or Montreal to make room for Mitchell.
  • Kariya has been involved in minor talks with both Anaheim and Pittsburgh but no significant progress.
  • The Canadiens and Carey Price are still working on a contract.  They have the money sorted out but they disagree on years.  Price wants 1-2 years while the Canadiens want 3-5 years.  If the Canadiens don’t sign Price, Niemi is still an option.
  • Niemi is also being targeted still by the Sharks and Flyers.
  • A new deal for Kovalchuk could come as early as tomorrow.  It is rumored to be at least ten years.  Salvador and Zubrus would have to be moved for deal to fit within the salary cap.
  • Lee Stempniak is favored to signing a one year deal with Phoenix, but the Sabres and Islanders still are in the mix.
  • Bobby Ryan is being rumored to be traded to Toronto.  Is Burke still trying to snatch up another top-6 foward?

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