Could Luongo Be On The Move?

The Canucks have a favorable goaltending problem that every other team in the league wish they could have: having two star goaltenders.  Both Roberto Luongo and the younger Cory Schneider deserve a starting position.

Since Schneider is seven years younger than Luongo, he’s the safer bet to remain with the team and lead this team for several years to come.  Giving Schneider the starting position would allow the team to trade Luongo and booster the team in other positions including offense.

Toronto is the first destination that comes in mind for Luongo.  The Leafs have missed the playoffs the past five seasons and their goaltending has been very weak.  Just yesterday, Toronto fired veteran GM Brian Burke in favor of Dave Nonis.  There were rumors this change had to do with Burke’s level of interest in Luongo and/or is inability to get a deal done for him.  With a new GM, the Maple Leafs may be more aggressive in going after Luongo.  How well does Dave Nonis know Luongo?  He was actually the Canucks’ GM that traded for him.  To get this deal done, they’ll likely have to trade a star forward and a few prospects.  Some names that could get moved include Mikhail Grabovski, Joffrey Lupul, and Ashton Carter.  Toronto seems like the most likely location for Luongo to end up.

Another possible destination for Luongo may be his previous home: Florida.  He was a member of the Panthers for seven seasons before being dealt to Vancouver.  He loved playing in warm Florida and there are rumors that he would love to be back.  The Panthers would benefit greatly from having Luongo back as they’re goaltending was off and on all season after failing to resign Tomas Volkoun.  The Panthers would have to part with players such as Sean Bergenheim, Kris Versteeg, and other prospects and draft picks to obtain Luongo. 

Philadelphia is a third location Luongo may end up.  The Flyers signed Bryzgalov last season and he was a major disappointment.  With the new CBA’s amnesty buyout rules, Bryzgalov is a candidate to be bought out at the end of the season if he’s continues to falter.  But, don’t count on this as Bryzgalov had a solid stint in the KHL during this recent lockout.  It will all depend on if he can continue this kind of production in the NHL this season.  Philly has a lot of assets available to get this deal done including Wayne Simmonds, Jakub Voracek, and Max Talbot.  This is a lot of confusion whether or not the Philadelphia ownership is fully on board and many sources say they aren’t.  As of right now, Philly seems like an unlikely destination for Luongo.

Vancouver will want to get the deal they want for Luongo so they may decide to wait until they get it.  There is no harm in waiting until the trade deadline or this summer as they will still benefit from two all-star quality goaltenders.

More to Come..

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