Hasek & Modano Considering NHL Comebacks?

Dominik Hasek is one of the greatest goaltenders of all-time.  Hasek posted a 389-223-82 record over his career with a NHL record lowest career save percentage of .922%.  He won the Stanley Cup twice with Detroit (2002, 2008).

Hasek hasn’t played in the NHL since 2008 but has played a few years in Europe since then.  Hasek is hungry to come back and face the greatest competition in the league.  At the age of 47, Hasek still feels he can compete as he is searching for a NHL deal.

Hasek’s agent, Ritch Winter, is confident Hasek will get a NHL contract.  Winter said, “He will play.  There is no option. He will play and he will excel and he will do all of the things he can do.  That’s his view of it. There’s one objective, and that’s it, he won’t fail.”

Winter also said there are about six teams very interested in his client.  Hasek is reportedly searching for a multi-year deal which may be a risk to the offering team considering Hasek’s age.  One of those teams isn’t the Buffalo Sabres though, as they politely declined Hasek’s offer to play in the city he first achieved success in.  With the duo of Ryan Miller and Jhonas Enroth, there was just no spot for Hasek to fit in.

So where could we possibly see Hasek land? Possible locations include Calgary, Chicago, San Jose, and Dallas.  All those teams have weaker goaltending or could benefit from an elder goaltender in a backup role.

Expect Hasek to get a few training camp invites where he can prove to teams he’s in NHL shape. But to get an actual contract, especially a multi-year deal, he’ll need to be spectacular.  If Hasek doesn’t get signed before the season, he may get a chance during the season if a team is dealing with injured or under performing goaltenders.

Mike Modano, who just retired last year, is the greatest American to ever lace up the skates and play hockey.  In 1499 career NHL games, Modano scored 561 goals and added 813 assists for a total of 1374  points.  Modano won the Stanly Cup once with Dallas (1999).

After Zach Parise and Ryan Suter signed in Minnesota, Modano tweeted “Can I come back and play in Minnesota too..? ‪#northstars‬”.  This sent off a huge buzz around the media world even though Modano previously passed over a chance to go back to Minnesota in favor to sign with the Detroit Red Wings.

Modano spoke recently with NHL reporter Josh Rimer.  He said, “If the Wild contacted me I’d listen to what they would have to say, certainly would be a fitting ending to a career obviously going back to Minnesota and what that town and what the fans meant to me.”

This would be great for both Modano and Minnesota, but don’t count on this to happen.  Modano may be out of shape now and would take him the first few months of the season to get back into top shape.  I’d list the chance of Modano making a NHL comeback as doubtful.

Will the Dominik “The Dominator” Hasek be back tending an NHL net next season?

More to Come..

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