Draft Deadline Losers

To determine the 2012 NHL Trade Deadline losers, not only was the actual deadline day taken into consideration. Moves or lack of them in the previous few weeks were included as well. Here are this year’s losers:

1. St. Louis Blues

The biggest mistake the St. Louis Blues made was the lack of moves they made.  Though they are a very good team, they weren’t able to improve their team.  Every team in their division (Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, & Nashville) made moves to improve their club.  The Blues stayed put and didn’t make any big moves.  The only move they were involved in was sending minor league goaltender Ben Bishop to Ottawa for a 2013 2nd round draft pick.  It is going to be a lot tougher for them to win their division as they are a step behind.

2. Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals started their day by placing forward Nicklas Backstrom on the LTIR.  This opened up $6.7M in cap space in which they could add a player or two.  They could bring Backstrom back for the playoffs where there is no salary cap.  Though they had a lot of cap space free, the Capitals made not one single move.  This could hurt them as they are still in the playoffs, currently sitting in ninth place, just one point out of the eighth seed.  If Backstrom’s doesn’t return from his concussion this season, it’ll be very hard for the Capitals win rounds in the playoffs, let alone qualify for the playoffs.

3. Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs only made a few minor deals at the deadline. They landed forwards Dale Mitchell and Ashton Carter and parted ways with defensemen Mark Fraser and Keith Aulie. They were able to strengthen their organizational offense but didn’t make a move big enough to impact the roster. The Maple Leafs have struggled in the last month and have dropped to tenth in the Eastern Conference. If they miss the playoffs, could part of the blame be put on GM Brian Burke for not making a move to address their needs?

More to Come..

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