Could Sidney Crosby Be Ready For the Regular Season?

Sidney Crosby left the January 1 Winter Classic after getting tangled with Capitals center David  Steckel.  Four days later, Crosby left a game versus the Lightning after getting hit by defenseman Victor Hedman.  He was experiencing concussion-like symptoms and hasn’t played since.

Rumors were flying all over the place this summer.  It was known Sidney Crosby was still experiencing those concussion-like symptoms.  Some people said he was going to be forced to take the entire season off.  Others even went on to say he would have to retire from this concussion.  But Crosby held a press conference to clear everything up.  Yes, he was still experiencing the symptoms.  He wasn’t cleared for conduct yet and there was no timetable for his return.  Crosby himself, believed he would play at some point this season.

The Penguins training camp starts up less than a week later and what do we see?  Sidney Crosby participating.  He has participated in every practice session so far.  Yesterday, he stepped it up for two drills in particular: a five-on-five scrimmage type drill and a one-on-one against a defenseman.  He took some contact in the one-on-one but kept going through the defenseman.  Even though he took contact here, he isn’t officially cleared for contact so he hasn’t been able to participate in any scrimmages so far.

Will Sidney Crosby be ready for the regular season?  The key is the Penguins medical staff has to clear Crosby for contact.  Crosby has been looking good and would be a tremendous help to the Penguins offense.  But we really have no idea.  Unlike an arm or leg injury that has a certain healing time, head injuries vary.  The symptoms may go away, but return a few weeks or months later.

The Penguins will have to be very careful with Crosby.  He has shown he has all the talent in the world and dominated the league last year up until his injury totaling 66 points in just 41 games.  They don’t want to turn Sidney Crosby into Eric Lindros, who was one of the most talented players of his era, but his career was dismantled by numerous concussions.  I’m guessing Crosby will miss the first 10-20 games of the year but will come back and lead the Penguins.

Only time will tell when Sidney Crosby will be back tearing up the NHL.

More to Come..

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