Will Kariya Follow Selanne’s Footsteps?

Will Kariya sign with the Ducks?

A day after Teemu Selanne resigned with the Ducks for another year, one question remains.  Will Paul Kariya rejoin his former teammate that helped make it all the way to the 2003 Stanley Cup Final?  The chances are really good and sources say a deal could be done within the next few days.

Other News..

  • Antti Niemi is getting interest from 3-5 teams as of now.  But, any signing would require trades to free up salary space so don’t expect this deal to be done within the week.  Kovalchuk will be signed and Kaberle traded (if Burke chooses to do so) before Niemi is signed.
  • The Kovalchuk sweepstakes hasn’t had any big news today.  For attempting to make the deal, the Devils could be fined from 1 to 5 Million dollars.  Lou Lamoriello has confirmed he is working on a new deal with the superstar.  Another new scenario for Kovalchuk is signing a one year deal with either the Kings or Russia.  Very interesting and possible, but I still believe he’ll resign with New Jersey.
  • It is believed Brian Burke will take the Kaberle trade up to the last hour of his deadline.  Front runners now are Columbus, Los Angeles, Islanders, Vancouver, Tampa Bay, and New Jersey (only if they don’t sign Kovalchuk).  Out of those teams, Los Angeles would still be the most appropriate spot for Kaberle.
  • The NHL is now investigating the contracts of Chris Pronger, Marc Savard, and Roberto Luongo.  Though not as dramatic, they are all front heavy contracts and could easily be bought out near the end.  Is the NHL allowed to go back and view prior contracts that the league allowed?  This will be a big fight between the league and players association.  In the end, the Players Association will win this battle.
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