Canadiens Looking to Trade Price

Canadiens looking for a goalie swap?

After dealing playoff hero Jaraslov Halak, the Canadiens chose to put their future in the hands of young Carey Price.  But, a deal hasn’t been able to work out and the two sides are still a ways apart.  The money isn’t too much of an issue, but mainly the number of years the contract will last.  Now, the Canadiens are trying to shop Price for another team’s starting goaltender and a top-6 foward.  No teams interested in Price has surfaced yet, but the Canadiens have shown interest in Chicago’s Antti Niemi as he will most likely be moved following his arbitration hearing today.  Getting Price would be great for any other team, but they would have to pay a pretty penny to get him.  Not many teams would probably want to give up a top-6 foward along with their current starting goaltender, so I don’t think a deal will get done.  There is a good chance Carey Price will be the starting goaltender for the Canadien’s 101st NHL season.

Other News..

  • Andrew Ladd has signed a 1 year, $2.33M deal with the Thrashers.
  • The Lightning re-sign D Vladimir Mihalik and free agent defensemen Mathieu Roy and Mike Vernace to 1-yr, 2-way deals
  • The Kings are now the front runner in the Kaberle sweepstakes.  They must’ve made a pretty good offer to Brian Burke.
  • Ruslan Fedotenko might be heading back to the Flyers.  They have put in a good offer for him and would be a great addition to their powerful offense.
  • Marc Savard could be dealt to Buffalo, Ottawa, Islanders, or Calgary within the next few days.
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