Kovalchuk Near Deal

New Deal on Horizon for Kovalchuk?

More and more sources are saying Kovalchuk is close to signing another deal so an arbitrator won’t have to get involved.  No news were given on how long or how much the new deal could be for.  Yesterday, the KHL President Medvedev issued a statement saying the SKA team is offering Kovalchuk their own 17 year deal.  But, Kovalchuk and his wife want nothing to do with moving to Russia.  A new deal could come within a few days.  He will most likely sign again with New Jersey but Los Angeles and New York Rangers are still in the mix.

Other News..

  • The Senators hire Rick Wamsley as new goaltending coach.
  • The Capitals resign Fleischmann to a $2.6M, 1 year contract.
  • Blues trade D.J. King to Washington for prospect Stefan Della Rovere and a 7th round pick.
  • The Bruins are trying to package Blake Wheeler and Mark Stuart for Toronto’s Thomas Kaberle.
  • The Blackhawks have signed first round draft pick Nick Leddy to a undisclosed contract rumored to have no bonuses.  If true, he would be the first first round pick to sign a contract without bonuses.  The Blackhawks just got burned by bonuses from Jonathan Toew’s and Patrick Kane’s contracts and are in a salary crises.

More Rumors are to come later..

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