Niemi’s Arbitration Huge for Chicago’s Future

How Much is Niemi Worth?

All this week, arbitration hearings are scheduled.  Some big names are Wheeler, Ladd, Fleischman, & Fraser.  But, without a doubt, the biggest name is the latest Stanley Cup winning goaltender Antti Niemi.  With the Blackhawks weak financial situation, Niemi could be out of their price range.  If Niemi is decided to be above the Blackhawk’s avaliable space for him, he will have to be traded.  This would be horrible for the Blackhawks because they have lost so many key players from last years team already.  Now, they are on the verge on losing the cornerstone of last season and many seasons to come.  With how spectacular he was the regular season and that much better in the postseason, expect to see Niemi raking in the dough.  Sorry Chicago fans, but it looks like Niemi will be between the pipes for another team next season.

In Other News..

  • Alexia Ponikarovsky signed with the Kings.
  • Yann Danis signed with Amur Khabarovak of the KHL.
  • Gilbert Brule signs a 2 year, $3.7M contract with the Oilers.
  • The Penguins revealed the logo and jerseys for the 2011 BridgeStone Winter Classic.
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